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Application Support

At Strongbar, our service design is based upon delivering you an exceptionally high quality product designed perfectly according to your specifications.
For us, the application support function is not only about solving your linear shafting and guide bar challenges, but also about supporting all of your application needs throughout the design process. 
We recognize that the design stage is usually the most critical time when access to good information and to experienced, industry professionals who are able to answer questions and make positive, helpful and supportive contributions in your decision-making process are key.  

This is the primary role of our application support function: to provide you with the kind of information you require to make informed decisions about what is best suited for your needs.  
Whether you require:


Product information and material specifications
Machining information and options
Special application and design possibilities
Sample material (when appropriate)
Engineering diagrams
A friendly ear to discuss ideas and possible solutions 

Our network of world-class steel suppliers coupled with our in-house manufacturing knowledge will match very specific products with your very specific requirements.  

At Strongbar, we have a saying referred to as the "blank page solution." We are able to offer such a degree of customization that we simply begin by taking a blank page and asking you what you need. We'll take it from there.


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