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Custom Manufacturing Of Precision Ground Case-Hardened Linear Shafting and Guide Bars

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Ordering Information

For typical orders, it is generally sufficient to specify the material, diameter tolerance, length and overall quantity you require. From these specifications, we will have enough information to complete the order for you. 
For example: CS 1/4 L, 10, 8 pcs
What you would receive:

 Material: Carbon Steel 1060C case hardened to 60-65C and with a minimum depth of hardness for each of 0.040"

 Diameter and Tolerance: 1/4 diameter, Class L

 Length: Each piece 10 long 1/32 with a standard straightness tolerance of .001 per linear foot and a standard chamfer of 1/16 x 45

 Quantity: 8 pieces total.

For orders requiring any custom material or machining, we request that you submit all specifications and a drawing indicating the dimensions, tolerances and special features required. This will ensure that we are able to conform perfectly according to your dimensions and specifications. 
If you prefer, please contact us and we will record all of the information for you and generate a drawing if required. We will return the completed information to you along with our quotation for your final authorization. 
And, as always, should you require any other additional assistance or clarification, our Application Support personnel are standing by Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 17:00 GMT to help locate the answers you require. 
For up-to-date information on pricing, current stock and shipping information, please contact us directly. 


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