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Custom Manufacturing Of Precision Ground Case-Hardened Linear Shafting and Guide Bars

Did You Know?  

Through our association with RotoPrecision, Strongbar is pleased to offer by extension a range of precision linear products for your design applications including:

• linear bearings
• slide guides
• ball splines
• slide ways
• slide screws
• positioning tables

Contact Us at Strongbar for additional information about these and other products.


Additional Products

Aside from the products and machining services we offer, Strongbar provides a range of additional products and services for your shafting requirements. Some of these we provide in-house, while others are outsourced to specialists when additional specific equipment or processes are necessary. These outside manufacturers have been carefully selected and are continuously monitored by us to ensure that the degree of finish, tolerance and quality of the final products meet your exact requirements. The value to you is in the fact that we will manage and control the entire process on your behalf, drawing on the expertise and skills of our developed network as required.  
A partial list of these additional services include: 
Rapid Cut-to-Length Shafts

We offer fast, economical and in-house turnaround of cut-to-length linear shafts, usually within the same day, from generous stockholding inventories. 

Pre-drilled Support Rails and Slide Assemblies

We supply and manufacture a complete range of pre-drilled linear shafting and guide bars for your support rail and slide assembly needs. Should you also require the associated components including extruded rails, bearings, pillow blocks, or other items required in your particular assembly, our network of world-wide vendors are standing-by to deliver exactly according to your specifications.

Corrosion Resistance Special Surface Finishes

We have a wide variety of surface finishing options at our disposal for certain applications where there is a risk of adverse environmental effects and heavy corrosion, or where there may be particular aesthetic considerations, we have a wide variety of surface finishing options at our disposal. Plating and coating treatments are available to minimize the potentially hazardous effects of corrosion and to achieve the desired aesthetic effect; as well as to protect and to extend the life of your products. Please contact us for more specific information regarding these and other surface finishing options.  

Ball Screw Manufacturing and Repair

In applications that require the precision and load carrying capabilities of linear ball screws and assemblies, we are pleased to offer a range of services for you. Whether you require new ball screws, components, or complete assemblies, we are ready to serve your needs. In addition, we offer a full complement of ball screw repair services including analysis, rebuilding of damaged journals, heat treating, plating, and straightening of components. 

Spindle Repair

The failure of a precision anti-friction spindle is always a major concern for manufacturers. Through our network of suppliers, we are able to offer a range of services to get your equipment back up and running in the quickest amount of time possible including replacement parts, overhauls or new spindle shafts. 


Custom Prototype work, specials, and “one-offs”

 At Strongbar, our team of material experts are available with industry specific information and experience to assist you with any and all of your prototype and “one-off” requirements. We offer such a degree of customization that we have affectionately begun to call it our blank page solutions.  In short, we hand you a blank piece of paper and ask the simple question: what you need us to do for you today?


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