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Custom Manufacturing Of Precision Ground Case-Hardened Linear Shafting and Guide Bars

Did You Know?  

Through our association with RotoPrecision, Strongbar is pleased to offer by extension a range of precision linear products for your design applications including:

linear bearings
slide guides
ball splines
slide ways
slide screws
positioning tables

Contact Us at Strongbar for additional information about these and other products.


Our Products

Strongbar specializes in the precision manufacturing of linear case-hardened precision shafting and centreless ground steel bars.  Through highly customized machinery and a dedicated staff of machinists, the organization has developed the in-house expertise to machine virtually any conceivable type of linear shafting component to a degree of precision and accuracy which meets and exceeds industry standards and tolerances.  
Whatever your particular specifications, Strongbar offers a full range of products and materials for your commercial, custom and prototype projects including:


Centreless bar grinding 2 - 150mm (diameter)
Surface grinding 600mm x 300mm x 300mm
Between centre grinding 1000mm long
Internal grinding 300mm
Journal grinding on shafts 80mm x 6000mm
Bars up to 7.6 meters long
Rapid turnaround cut-to-length shafts
Precision straightening
Drilling / tapping and custom machining-to-order
Flats / keyways 
Additional custom components as required


In order to help you specify your product requirements more accurately, we have developed an extensive list of Material Design Specifications which are essentially a group of product elements that should be considered during the design process and prior to placing an order with us. This will ensure that the best combination of features and functionality for your particular application are specified. 

Typical Applications


There are virtually endless combinations of applications for Strongbar products.  Some of the more typical one would include:

Linear Bearings
Power Transmission
Packaging Machinery
Brake Test Machines
Injection Blow Molding
Impression Molding
Fork Lift Trucks
Power Rams

Printing Machinery
Co-ordinate Tables
CNC Machinery
Glass Processes
Woodworking Machinery
Conveyance Applications
Guide Pins
Tie Rods
Press Tools
Machine Tool Slides
And many more...

For any of your additional questions, please Contact Us directly and one of our customer service representatives will address any questions that you may have.


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