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Custom Manufacturing Of Precision Ground Case-Hardened Linear Shafting and Guide Bars

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Our Machining Services

Strongbar offers tremendous flexibility in both standard and custom machining, whether you require non-standard diameters, special tolerances, or custom prototype work.  Although the company specializes in the machining of induction hardened steel bar, there is a tremendous range of flexibility in materials, especially in softer steels.

Our Capacity

25 Machine Tools
Centre lathe 85 spindle bore 3,300 centres
Capstan lathes. Vertical and horizontal milling
Jig boring, slotting, straightening presses and abrasive cut-off


Machining Services

Some of the more common machining services we provide include:

Radial drilling and tapping
Axial drilling and tapping
Deep-hole / gun drilling / axial thru-shaft drilling
Oil holes
Mounting holes
Set-screw holes
Reduced diameters / turned-down sections
Threaded shaft diameters (major or reduced diameter sections)
Retaining ring / snap ring / circlip grooves 
Milled planes / keyways / flats
Shaft coupling & extra-long shafts

For any of your additional questions, please Contact Us directly and one of our customer service representatives will address any questions that you may have.


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